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The Necessity of BOS

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

It is necessary to implement the term and group identity label of BOS for the Black cultural group of the United States in an act of healing and reclamation. The act of naming oneself embodies power, humanity, life, and purpose. The Black cultural group of the U.S has endured cultural genocide, physical genocide, biological genocide, everyday violence, racism, and erasure, amongst other forms of terrorism, oppression, and destruction. Reclaiming their name, identity, and culture is an act of healing for this group that has been denied basic human freedoms.

The term BOS is multidimensional and has significant meaning. It is an abbreviation, a colloquialism, a sound, and a word; it represents transformation, healing, reclamation, and pride; it is a play on words. To adopt the identity of BOS means to become a BOSS-- over one’s identity, over one’s community, and over one’s sociopolitical stance. BOS is familiar, yet represents a new lens with which Blacks of the States can see themselves and the world around them.

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